Choosing the right link building software

by Adam Arthur {date}

To be recognized in the highly competitive landscape, it is important for website owners to implement SEO market strategies in order to reach their target audience. One of the effective SEO methods is to build links to your website. There are several online software available to help with this link building process. This article can help you get started on picking the right one that best matches your website.


Link building essentially gets web pages to link one and another through hyperlinks into the site’s content. For a user, it helps them seamlessly navigate from one page to another. These connections, help search engines like google crawl between the pages and automatically rank and assort them through their website metrics.
In gathering a strong strength of link building – which primarily happens through well-reputed websites, you can increase your website’s SEO ranking. This will allow more visibility to your site by placing it higher on the search engine result list when a relevant keyword is inputted.


Link building is crucial since it influences how Google ranks web pages. According to Google:

"In general, webmasters can raise their site's ranking by increasing the number of high-quality sites linking to their pages."

Assume that we possess a website that promotes the wind turbine equipment we offer. We're up against another maker of wind turbine components. Link popularity is one of the ranking variables Google considers when choosing how to rank our pages.

Apart from raising your SEO ranking, link building can provide many other advantages for the business:

Building Relationships

One of the most common ways to building your links is to reach complementary businesses in the same industry. Even though the focus remains on gaining opportunities for links between businesses, fostering a long-term relationship can prove to be mutually beneficial for both businesses. It can allow increased barriers of entry for new players and provide you with a fixed slot for guest posting services.

Referral business

Partnering with a relevant and often visited side can improve your traffic and overall ranking. This can result in boosting your service or sales as well. In a way, the website directing the customer to your site is endorsing your brand/products.

Brand Building

Good linking practices help to promote your brand in the industry. It allows you a larger footprint stamping your authority in the field through relevant content. Additionally, it can help promote your expertise in the company as well as the validity of your goods and services. In building a strong brand, you would look to build connect links with reliable non-spammy websites.


To encourage external websites to link to yours, you can utilize a variety of link-building strategies:

  • Create fascinating, distinctive, high-quality material that people will naturally want to reference and connect to and tell others about it. Before you can expect anyone to locate your content and connect to it, you must first spread the word!

  • Reviews and Mentions - Get your product, service, or website in front of industry influencers like well-known bloggers and others with a huge social media following.

  • Friends & Partners' Links - Request links from people you know and people you work with.


As there are many different ways to execute a successful link building strategy, one constant need is to find the right software for SEO link building to accomplish your specific goal. Below is a compilation of 5 different types of the best SEO link software to choose from:


Has one of the world’s largest backlink indexes and is rated as one of the leaders in the SEO space. Its robust platforms allow non-experienced professionals to easily navigate through their platform. They provide a lot more features in addition to the link building services including:

• Technical SEO site audits
• Content explorer
• Strong keyword research tool


  • Has a good UI and UX – easy to navigate for users once they get a hang of it
  • A solid data structure
  • Excellent site audit feature
  • Allows for a complete deep dive, giving a detailed page report for keywords
  • Has tons of other small features like “link intersect” that allows you to track internal links for competitor websites


  • Rank tracking only gets updated every once in 5 or 7 days
  • They have a limited function on their pay per click toolset
    Cost: $99 - $999 per month
  • All the plans give you the same features, except mobile data that isn’t tracked on the Lite Plan
  • Higher plans give you more amount of data to extract
  • Can start with a 7$ for 7 days trial plan


The software mainly aims to make email outreach easier and more efficient. It can replace Gmail inboxes and spreadsheets to seamlessly track conversations and manage campaigns across multiple projects. The additional features include:

  • Finding contact information
  • Outreach templates
  • Campaign management


  • Streamlines the most time-consuming part of the outreach process
  • Setting up outreach campaigns are really easy
  • All outreach management can be found in one place


  • Has a steep learning curve to using the platform
  • Aren’t any prebuilt email templates in the software
  • The ‘Buzzstream discovery tool’ is not always up to date
    Cost: $24 - $999 per month
  • All the three offered plans come with a free trial


This software is perfect for trying to get in touch with any news outlet. When used right, personal relations can help in deriving huge backlinks, especially when mentioned in high authority sites like Forbes, Tech Crunch.

  • Mainly focuses on connecting with journalists
  • Has a strong journalist database, scouring through HARO, ProfNet, and Twitter
  • Comes with a CRM to help manage outreach
    Cost: $99 - $699 per month
  • All the three offered plans come with a 14-day free trial


One of the cheapest link building software in the market. It definitely doesn’t match with the giants like Ahref’s but can be a perfect option for someone starting new in SEO and has a limited budget.

  • Provides a limited but small number backlink index to get started on SEO
  • Primarily focused on Cloud, Saas and Web-based platforms
    Cost: $14 - $139 per month
  • Comes with a 30-day free trial

Majestic SEO

Another cheap link building software on the market. Although it doesn’t have a smooth user experience, it has a strong database of backlinks. For its price, it’s a good option for starting SEO professionals.

Comes with the usual features expected for SEO, like:

  • Number of backlinks, referring domains, anchor text analysis
    Cost: $49 to $399 a month
  • Free version available


Choosing the right software comes down the stage of your website, the SEO tactic you’re looking to employ and the budget you are willing to set aside. Keep in mind that the software alone won’t boost your link building – it’s a mere tool that will help you analyze and implement your tactic. It requires constant oversight and steady involvement to build strong backlink strength.


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