Link Building: How to Do It Right?

by Adam Arthur {date}

It's tough for a single person to be an expert in every facet of digital campaigning or content marketing in today's ever-changing SEO scene. Even the most experienced SEO gurus struggle to keep up with the constant changes in SEO rules.

A successful link building plan can help your website rank and rise to the top, whilst a poor one can have a negative impact on its position. To be secure, you should entrust all your SEO demands to a competent professional link building business. This article discusses what link building is, why it's important, and how to pick the right link building agency/expert for your needs.


The process of linking online pages, either inside the same website or between two different websites, is known as link building. It's a quick and easy technique to improve your site's search engine rankings. When you link to your website from another website, visitors from that site are sent to your site, increasing traffic organically.

The practice of link building, often known as backlinking, is frequently employed in SEO strategies. A professional backlink service can use a variety of link-building techniques to improve the exposure of your website, including content-based link building, guest blogging, email outreach, broken link construction, and more.


Prior to Google, search engines used to rank a page based on the quality of its content. This scenario was changed when Google began ranking websites based on the number of sites that link to them. Later, they concentrated on the quality and significance of the linkages. If you can link your site to a popular, high-ranking site, it will greatly boost your site's visibility, since their quality will be reflected on your web page. As a result, the goal is to identify relevant, high-ranking, well-established backlinks without breaking any of Google's rules.

Backlinks are a type of link that search engines employ to evaluate a website's reputation, or how many people refer to it. Backlinks are seen by search engines as someone positively promoting or referring to your website, which is why they have a positive impact on your website's search ranks for targeted keywords. Of course, if it was that simple, anyone could spam their link all over the internet, and many people have tried. As a result, search engines like Google have implemented algorithms to detect illegitimate link-building strategies. Now it's time to examine the various types of backlinks provided by link building companies and determine which ones function and which ones are obsolete.


With 75% of businesses raising their content marketing budgets, it's clear that content marketing is highly on demand. Organizations require dedicated writers who can consistently provide high-quality, relevant material for their target audience.

To fulfil this need, more than 60% of businesses have turned to freelancers and agencies (such as those listed in Curata's Ultimate List of Content Writing Services) to create content. For the foreseeable future, this trend will continue. Outsourcing content creation to dedicated authors ensures constant, high-quality publication, new viewpoints, insight into best practices, and improved utilization of resources. Not to mention the ability to accelerate or brake depending on the situation—and your budget. Below are some examples of the link between the content, link building and SEO, and how they can affect the traffic on your website.

To this day, Web2.0 backlinks are one of the most common types of backlinks. They're simple to develop yourself, however there are companies that will create 50 or more web2.0 properties with original content for a fair charge. To create web2.0 backlinks, you must first register with one of the most prominent web2.0 property sites, such as WordPress or Blogger. Once you've set up your blog, all you have to do now is start posting content with contextual anchor text hyperlinks to your website. You can utilize your keywords as anchor text to increase the link's worth.

Web2.0 qualities and guest postings are very much alike. You must first develop excellent and persuasive content before contacting the owner of a niche-related website. Most webmasters will allow the content to be posted on their high-profile PR website and linked to their page in some way if the content is worthwhile. Manually contacting the webmaster / owner of the website you want to link to is known as outreach link building.

Google and other search engine algorithms perceive the EDU and GOV domains as highly authoritative. These are the hardest to earn sorts of backlinks. Fortunately, some people provide these links on a regular basis.

Social Media Bookmarks

Social bookmarks are like bookmarking a page in a web browser, only they store the page to the web rather than the browser. Because SERPS interprets it as someone sharing a website with the rest of the world, it can have a significant impact on your search ranking.

Facebook and Twitter are popular social networking sites that are frequently employed as part of a successful social bookmarking strategy.

Submissions Of Article Directories And Contextual Backlinks

Article directories are often referred to as "content farms." This essentially means that there is only one website with thousands of articles on it. These articles have the advantage of being incredibly relevant to the niche and keywords you're targeting, as well as generating backlinks to your website.

Comments on a Blog

Blog comments are self-explanatory; they are just links to your site on other people's blogs (usually with relevant anchor text to add keyword values). They're great for SEO, but you'll need to build a lot of high-quality contextual linkages on low-OBL blogs to make a large difference.
Unfortunately, millions of programs have been created to automatically approve blogs in spam emails, resulting in penalties that are now imposed. They can, however, be effective in crank pyramids or crank wheels.

Forum Profiles

Forum profiles, like blog comments, are simple to comprehend. All you have to do is join a forum that enables profile links and add a link to your website. They aren't that effective, but they are excellent for increasing link diversity.


Simply said, a link building firm will have another website add quality links that are redirected to your website and have an impact on its rating. A solid link building service concentrates on expanding your site's network of well-known sites. The agency can assist you with a variety of content marketing strategies as well as the creation of high-quality backlinks that will place your website in the prominent SEO analytics category. A professional link building service can increase your website's trustworthiness by providing digital recommendations.

Now, after understanding link building and its importance, we have came to the most common question:

Should I Hire an Agency or a Freelancer?


The most critical question to ask yourself when choosing content production services offered by agencies and freelancers is, "What am I going to need?"

This decision should be made, considering the following criteria:

  • Cost
  • Time
  • Flexibility/Capacity
  • Breadth of Services
  • Infrastructure

Assuming you have a content strategy, figure out how much help it will require to succeed. Some users need to organize their content, which includes research, ../../../assets, resource requirements, as well as publication and promotional strategies. Others only need the writing to be done, so they hire freelancers. In most cases, businesses hire agencies when a broader range of services is necessary concerning SEO and link building.

If you need other services in addition to content development, agencies can be your go-to option. For instance, you can use some of their services as:

  • Marketing strategy
  • Web/graphic design
  • Video/animation
  • Translation
  • Public relations
  • Social media

Pros and Cons of Agencies and Freelancers

If you have the budget, an agency can help you implement a content marketing strategy more effectively and in a shorter amount of time. They usually have the software and cutting-edge technology needed to combine content with SEO and link building, resulting in a higher rating for your website. However, if not handled appropriately, the participation of various agency staff members on projects can easily stifle ideas and prevent progress.

If you only require writing services and can handle SEO and link building for small projects yourself, freelancers may be able to deliver more personalized service than agencies. You'll be able to communicate with the individual who creates your material in a much more direct manner. This may be a better option for people who wish to work directly with writers.

But keep in mind that freelancers have fewer resources than agencies in terms of software, skills, and so on. Experienced writers, on the other hand, usually have a good network of contacts in graphic and web design, video, translation, social media, and analytics, and may introduce you to them.

The bottom line is that there are several excellent firms and freelancers available to help you with your content marketing needs. If you can afford it, consider combining the two writing sources to create a best-in-class content operation.

Some of the positive signals that a link building service is genuine and professional at what they do are transparency in communication, clear goal-setting, and effective teamwork. They will priorities your needs before their own. A competent link building firm will put your needs first and will not limit itself to providing you with a cookie-cutter solution.

Links are a valuable resource for directing visitors from one page of a website to another. These linkages are associated with messages that humans have confidence in.

The existence of a website is inextricably linked to the presence of links. In practice, they are simple enough to link multiple websites together to establish an interconnected web. These links are viewed by Google (search engines) as a "vote of confidence" from one website to another, and they are used as a signal of authority and relevancy.

Building links is crucial for audience development, marketing, SEO, and connection building.

To Sum Up

Finally, working with a link building agency is the most effective strategy to increase your site's organic traffic and visibility. If you want a long-term relationship with a link building firm, you'll have to put in some time and work. Hire someone you can trust and who has the same vision for the company as you do. Make certain you understand their strategy and work ethics. Set aside your desire to meet your goals quickly; instead, pick a firm that will provide greater substance and prioritize your needs.


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