About Content Bounty

by Adam ArthurOCTOBER 15th, 2020

Content Bounty was born out of frustration with the lack of any quality tools that would allow me take a list of keywords and turn it into valuable content.

There are many problems with how outsourcing is done with the big freelancing sites.

Fees and Endless Bidding for low quality, underpaid work

If you are a freelancer trying to make a living using Upwork, Freelancer or Fiverr, it's not easy.  Only a small percentage of the freelancers on the platform make a comfortable living using it.  Most freelancers spend as much time trying to find work than they do actually performing work.

They have to spend many hours per week, sometimes as much as 50% of their work-time, just trying to find clients.  That's if they find clients at all.  They are spending time searching job posts, responding to bids and sending emails back and forth.

The time they spend looking for work has to be factored into their pricing.  But because these platforms allow anyone to register, and there is little if any vetting for quality, freelancers are competing against thousands or even tens of thousands of people willing to do the same job -- but often for less.

This makes freelancing using the big sites unsustainable for most.  

Meanwhile, employers have their own problems...

Hiring for a freelancer can be time-consuming and problematic.  Every job post will get hundreds of submissions, oftentimes from people who are not-qualified for the assignment or shouldn't be submitting a bid.  You need to sort through all of this.  Once you select a candidate, you need to onboard, train and manage them.

Also, the big freelancing sites charge 20%

All of the big freelancing sites have complicated fee schedules.  It's bit of a generalization to say they charge 20%.  The charges are hidden through a complicated fee structure, but for most projects if you simplify things and say "money paid out - money freelancer received = fee paid" you'll find in most cases 20% is pretty close.

There are three big ways we cut costs without sacrificing quality

First, we give our writers a full-time income with the flexibility of freelancing.  They don't spend any time worrying about where their next project or assignment is coming from.  Since they aren't using unpaid hours to find work, we can pass those savings onto you.

Second, we cut out the middleman.  20% is a meaningful percentage of the cost of an assignment.  This cost-savings is reflected in our pricing.

Finally, our software lets our content creators focus in their core strengths.  You are simply more productive if you focus on what you're good at.  We eliminate all distractions unrelated to the particular talent of the content creator -- and we let them focus on that.  By dividing up the content production process among different freelancers -- a core feature of our product -- we're able to achieve massive increases in productivity.